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Who We Are

Global Innovation!

We offer simple and powerful Paid To Click (PTC) script designed for your business. PBB script allows business owners to have advertisers as clients and earn revenue through Click Through Rates (CTRs) and Impressions with membership anagement, automated receive payments, automatic order processing. we have built our script to help you maximize your business and earning potential.

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Our Team

R.A Aleem
Web Developer & CEO

As CEO of ptc bux builber, i am responsible with keeping the company pushing forward, from business development to 'project evangelism' to rolling up his sleeves for the hands-on work that goes along with day to day operations.

Eliza Bennett
Graphic Designer & web development

Eliza has a solid foundation in graphic and web design. As she continues to build on that knowledge set and assist in design & development, she strives to help make the client's experience with ptc bux builber one that leaves them smiling.

John Smith
Web Developer

Coming from a background of mostly self-taught web and coding skills, John helms the support desk and ticket system at pbb. He is excited at the ability to work on a broad spectrum of websites and to take on a variety of different challenges each day, which is always seen as opportunity to grow his skillset.

Mischa Barton
Support Specialist

Mischa is a mostly self-taught developer from South Carolina, who grew up in Oklahoma. He moved to Seattle after marrying his high school sweetheart to pursue a career in web design. When he's not manning the support desk at pbb, you can find him tinkering with a bit of his own code, listening to the McElroy brothers with his wife, or hanging out with his son who thinks he's a nerd.

Incredible Features!

PBB are selling PTC (Paid to Click ) and GPT (Get Paid To) Business Model websites where website owners and members can earn.

Members will earn from advertisements clicks, completing simple tasks paid to signup, viewing web pages, online contest, online surveys tasks, testing software, completing offers, playing games,Video Ad (Paid To Watch Video), Offerwall, adprize ads, Short Link Bonus Ads,Rent Referral and Direct Referral clicks, Revenue Shares, Traffic Exchange,Daily Bonus, and more.

Owner will earn from website ads credits sale, Fixed PTC Advertisements Days sales, Login Ads Surfer sale, Offerwall websites, Paid To Signup Offers sale, Video Ad (Paid To Watch Video) sales, Featured Text Ads & Featured Link Ads sales, Memberships sales, Rented Referrals and Direct Referral sales, Revenue Shares sale, Traffic Exchange,Short Link websites, Different Games, Clixgrid advertisers sale, banners credits advertise sales, earn additional revenue from banners publishers websites. and more.

What are PTC (Paid to Click ) websites?

Paid to click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.
More easy word to know: Paid to click sites (PTC) are a category of websites that work around a commission-based system set up for the advertisers. The advertisers pay the website owner's and members to complete certain actions for them, and members earn rewards in exchange.

What are GPT (Get Paid To) websites?

Get Paid To websites are platforms that provide multiple ways to earn money online. These sites are funded by advertisers and marketing research companies. where owner's and members can earn money by completing various online offers and taking surveys. Each of these websites works slightly differently than the other, hence there are different styles of GPT sites.
More easy word to know: All GPT sites need people to visit their website, take surveys, tasks, or anything to get points. To earn rewards on GPT websites you need to accrue a certain number of points or credits by completing offers such as signing up for trial memberships, filling in surveys, and offering opinions etc.

Unlimited Advertisments

Create as many banner's or advertisements as you wish! There is no limited when it comes to advertising on your new website!

Credit Based Advertising System

Featuring a full user balance credit history, members points to credit converter (Points earned from clicking or performing paid tasks), instant credit managed advertisements allows your members to control their advertisements and maximize their purchase of Paid To Click Ads credits, banner credits, featured banner credits, featured ad credits, featured link credits, paid to Sign Up Offers credits, Login Ads credits and more!

Technical Support

we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which your members can use to track the progress and responses online. For your members reference we provide complete archives and history of all your members support ticket.


Do you want to offer Company Shares (or referral shares as you want to call it), this addon make it possible, you can promote it trough "free advertising pack" for each share purchased.


Do you want to set fixed earnings in some/all ptc categories?. Set fixed earnings per click, referral click, rented referral click for each membership instead of percentage of ad value.


Automated referral system where admin can create referrals and control click values, avarage and much more for each membership.


where member has to guess the number to unlock the vault, if he fails, part of the bet goes to the jackpot and the other one goes to admin pocket.


If you want to sell PTC Ads for a certain amount of days instead of credits? This is your best choice.


Grows up your site faster with referral contest and give to your members cash prizes, you will see that you will have alot of members in a short time.


Encourages your members through contests using their points, give them cash prizes.


Advertisers want to pay you to join their online programs.

Video Ad (Paid To Watch Video)

YouTube Video Ad system work like Paid To Watch Video: member can Promote / Advertise youtube video on your website. YouTube will get views , user will get money and website owner will earn extra profit.

Spin to Win Game

increase your traffic , alexa rank and members increase also Earning .

Lottery Contest Game

Lottery contest game Is a Unique Addon. the website owner Earn big Profit Daily With this addon.

CloudFlare With advanced DDOS protection

professional websites, good security and performance.

SEO Services

Increase your website's visibility in search engines and outrank your competition with our professionaly crafted SEO package specially made to give a considerable boost.

Kiwi Wall Offerwall

Maximize profits from your site - the wall has a neat design and very attractive to your users, so you can expect to increase your site profits massively.

Offers4All Offerwall

Earn Money From Different Ways.high paying surveys and offers Every day.

Personaly Offerwall is paying high surveys and offerswall value everyday . Mobile apps and many more offers.


Thousands of Offers in 40+ countries.


High paying surveys and offers everyday. MediumPath designed to give your users incentive and Increase your website revenue.


Control over your members and advertisements, the PBB web script has a new tracking system with enhanced statistics on members.

E-Mail Account Verification for New Accounts

PBB script have ability to automatically check out those new member's who can't enter a valid email address is important, loss of communication means loss of sales, lets just say out script is designed to maximize your websites earning potential by making member's verify their email address before they can start earning! Admin's can enable or disable to force email verification on new accounts.

Communication Tool

Stay in touch with your member's with mass communication tool's to help keep your member's informed about the latest news in your business. Advanced news article creator allows day by day news.our system easily manage and effectively with the submission of one form.


Add the traffic exchange to your site, you can choose between manual or autosurf, set the prices to sell credits to your members, give them bonus for visiting a certain amount of sites and much more.


Allow to your members to send money from account balance or purchase balance to other accounts. Admin can set a fee for each transaction or deny transfer to free members.


Allows to the system to autorecycle the rented referrals that never makes a click, you can set different days for each membership.


Classic game where member have to choose between head or tail, admin can control the probability that player win.


all members will watch full page framed as soon when logged its a good advertising system for sale.


Give the option to your members to view the ads using autosurf, you can sell this option and also can change the earnings rate if member use this addon.


Allows to your members earn per referral upgrade or referral commissions up to 7 levels.


Easy game to atrack more advertisers and get more profits.

Adworkmedia OfferWall

Truly maximize your traffic's earnings with our unique publisher OfferWall tools, top converting campaigns, and automatically targets best performing campaigns for your users on their location and device.

ClixWall Offerwall

Increase your revenue by placing ClixWall Offerwall & Ads on your website.

Daily Bonus

Admin can manage daily tasks like PTC , Grid Click, Forum Posts for users and set daily incentive bonus.

SSL Secure Connection

COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA2

AdscendMedia Offerwall

Allowing users to earn virtual rewards simply by watching videos like cooking demos, viral videos, and movie reviews, can dramatically boost your daily earnings.

OfferToro Offerwall

Turn your users into revenue, while your users earn virtual currency in your apps by completing offers, watching videos, and engaging with brands..

Wannads Offerwall

Starts monetizing your traffic and profiting from your website.

SkippyAds Offerwall

Skippyads consists of Paid to click ads, Offers and tasks. You can set custom percentage for users.


Increase your revenue by placing HitsWall Offers.

Multiple Payment Gateways

PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Faucetpay, Payeer, AirTM, CoinPayments, Advcash, Coin2Send, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Crypto Coins.


Web Design

100% Complete

Web Development

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Adobe Photoshop

100% Complete

Mobile Development

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